Module variations

On this page you can see basic suffixes used in this template.

01 The clear suffix is very useful to create banners or images without additional borders, margins and paddings. The clear suffix is also very useful inside the mainbody, mainbody_top and mainbody_bottom module positions.

02 For the News Show Pro GK5 and Tabs GK5 modules please always disable usage of the default CSS styles in the module settings.

03 This template supports 4 new NSP GK5 portal modes: TechNews Header I, TechNews Header II, TechNews Reviews and TechNews Rating.

04 Slideshows inside the articles can be generated with the {SLIDESHOW}...{SLIDESHOW} syntax.

05 For the NSP GK5 module you can also use the following suffixes: list-vertical, nsp-switch, nsp-list

06 If you want to achieve a gray background on the one of the bottom1-bottom9 module positions, please add to any module on this module position suffix gray-bg